Simply So Hard to Find Such a Good Attorney As Lucy!

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Testimonials - International Business, Testimonials

Before we identified Lucy as our corporate attorney, we talked to 12 attorneys in the United States and interviewed 2 of them. We believe we had to find the best attorney in the United States because the complicated international business nature of our company. “She is better than all others!” I told our people after I spoke to Lucy. Although our US branch office is located in Chicago and Lucy's office is located in Atlanta, we decided to hire Lucy Lu & Associates immediately.

It is very difficult for a Chinese company to do business in the United States. We are not familiar with the US law. However, under the guideline of Lucy, we successfully conquered many legal challenges together. Lucy is more than professional. She always gets to the point when questions come up. Her solid legal knowledge, sharp mind and confidence set her aside from other attorneys. All of her excellent essence just brings us closer and closer to success. Sometimes it seems that there is no way out. Our team will say "Lucy will work it out". And she did!

Our company relies on Lucy's professional legal skills on our legal matters in the United States. I cannot remember how many emails sent from Lucy in the midnight! I am still greatly touched by a very important and urgent email sent from Lucy at 5:30 AM. I know that she worked all night on that! She cares her clients. It is simply so hard to find such as good attorney as Lucy!

Sherry Liu, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Wondfo China

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