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on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Testimonials - Immigration, Testimonials

The first thing you should know about Lucy is that SHE KNOWS THE LAW. A vital knowledge when you need to win your case. Secondly, she cares about her clients. There are many money-grabbing immigration attorneys, but Lucy is certainly not one of them. When I was in an extremely tough situation, with my back pressed against the wall, Lucy found a quick solution to help me reach my permanent residency status when all other attorneys said it was impossible. She was very honest with me from the start and all along, but worked very diligently to reach our goal. It is because of her in-depth knowledge of the law and her persistence and creativity that she successfully presented my case and made me win the greatest opportunity of my life to remain in America and live my American dream! Lucy is simply the greatest attorney to work with.

Dr. Swagata Banerjee, Assistant Professor of Agribusiness, Alabama A&M University

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