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Instructions for Preparing the Information Needed by Our Office in Support of Your Petition

Type of Evidence

The types of evidence submitted in support of your application fall into three categories: testimonial (reference letters that explain your achievements and their significance in your field), corroborating (copies of documentation that established your achievements, such as publication or awards), and petition letter explaining your eligibility for the petition seeking.

Process for Preparing Testimonial Evidence

  • Provide a list of references with their contact information and brief description about how you know the references.
  • Letters of reference for each of your references will be drafted by our office with the information you provide about your expertise and the reference.
  • You provide information in the form of a "personal statement", samples of which are attached. This statement is for our internal use only, and is not included in nor submitted with the petition. It is merely for our records, to provide significant details for us to draft letters of reference.
  • Note that this petition is not a peer-review process; therefore information provided should be comprehensible to the “average person”.
  • Your personal statement should be provided in electronic format (via email), with your most up-to-date CV and all publications attached, also in electronic format.
  • Our office will draft 6 reference letter drafts. Once these reference letters are drafted, they will be sent to you to review for accuracy.
  • Once the reference letters are finalized, we will send them to your referees, to be reviewed, printed on letterhead, and signed.

Selecting Appropriate Referees

  • Letter of reference convey the weight of your achievements
  • Letter from prestigious institutions that make a stronger impact on your case
  • Geographical and institutional diversity is important
  • A referee should be an objective independent source: referee does not have to know you personally; it may be better if they only know you by your reputation.

Corroborating Documentation

  • This documentation needs to be submitted to our office as instructed in our training;
  • This primary source documentation will corroborate the information detailed in your personal statement and in the letters.
  • Your CV is not considered evidence. If something is important enough to be on your CV, you shall provide us with the primary source evidence.
  • Translations-Regulations require any document not submitted in English to be translated, word-for-word translations of short documents are necessary. Translation shall be attached to un-translated documents. We will advise you regarding longer document, such as articles and manuscripts.
  • Copies are always sufficient; we do not need originals.
  • The more corroborating documentation the better. So send everything you can and we will sort through and decide what to use.
  • Examples:
  • a.Degree/diploma certificate;
  • b.Patents;
  • c.Awards/Honors, including the criteria for the award or honors;
  • d.Grant applications/awards, including the criteria for the grant or award;
  • e.Professional memberships/criteria for membership;
  • f.Publications;
  • g.Publication citations;
  • h.Abstract presentations;
  • i.Evidence that you have served as a reviewer and/or judge of others' work;
  • j.Invitation letters and emails to professional meetings and memberships;
  • k.Request for reprints;
  • l.Media reports;
  • m.Evidence of your original scientific, scholarly, artistic, or business related contribution of major significant to the field;
  • n.Performance of a leading or critical role in distinguished organizations; and
  • o.Employment verification letter stating your current job title and annual salary if available.
  • Even if you do not have a document, please till include the information in your personal statement.

Preparing Corroborating Documentation

  • Publications
    • Provide copies of all first author & last author article (entire articles)
    • For books authored or edited, full copies are not needed. Provide copies of the book's title and the table of contents.
    • Any documents not in English, must have a copy of the original version with attached certified translation (just an abstract and title).
  • Presentations
    • Provide copies of all published abstracts
    • Provide copies of all conference proceedings, or conference brochure highlighting your presentation
    • Provide copies of emails or letters regarding acceptance, invitation, or appreciation.
    • Any documents not in English, must have a copy of the original version with attached certified translation (just an abstract and title).
  • Published Materials About Applicant
    • Citations & reference to your work/finding, acknowledgement to you or your work, website discussing your work, press release about your work, discussion of your work in the media, newspaper articles about you or your work, and newsletters mentioning you and your contribution to the field.
      • Provide copies of any material notes above
      • Highlight where you or your work is referenced/discussed
      • Include printouts from websites that discuss you/your work
      • Citations
        • For each of your publications, provide a complete official list of citations to your work. These lists should be directly printed out from an official search engine (eg. Web of Science, Scopus, SciFinder, Google Scholar, and etc). Provide a separate list for each publication, which refers to that publication, shows the total number of citations to that publication, and lists the title of each citing article.
        • Highlight where in the article it discusses your work, and where you name is listed.
  • Leading & Critical Roles
    • Appointment letter/emails
    • Copies of contracts
    • Offer letters
  • Judge of the works of others
    • Manuscript/peer reviewer/grant reviewer, review articles/textbook chapters, editorials/letters to the editor, moderator/chair of presentations/panels, advisory boards/committees, or seat on editorial board
    • Documentation:
      • Emails/letters acknowledging role
      • Copies of editorials/chapters/reviews noting authorship
      • For textbooks, do not provide the entire book. Provide the table of contents and your chapter/article
      • Website printouts noting your role/title/position
      • Excerpt from conference brochure noting position as moderator, etc
  • Honors & Awards
    • Provide selection criteria/process for selection
      • What was the basis for the award?
      • What entity granted the award?
      • With whom were you in competition?
      • How many of such awards were granted?
      • Any publicity for the award?
    • Example of Awards
      • Research funding in your name
      • Travel grants to attend or present at conference
      • Best presentation/poster
    • Documentation
      • Copies of the award, copies of selection criteria
      • Copies of the grant, listing you as an investigator
      • Copies of patent submission/awards
      • Copies of publicity for the award
  • Membership in Societies that Requires a Level of Achievement
    • Society that require something more than paying a fee
      • Academic honor societies
      • Certifying societies
      • Societies that require nomination and/or selection
    • Consider:
      • What are the criteria for obtaining membership?
      • What is the selection processes?
      • How many members does the society have?
    • Documentation:
      • Proof of membership
      • Copy of blank application used to apply for the membership
      • Documentation of membership criteria (from website)

Process for Preparing Petition Letter

  • Petition letter will be drafted by our office according to the information you provide about your expertise
  • Once the cover letter is drafted, it will be sent to you to review for accuracy

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